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Inca (1992)

Developer: Coktel Vision - Publisher: Sierra On-Line Inc. - Year: 1992
14.May 2017: You are El Dorado, the Inca people's last hope. As the Chosen One you take your space ship and have to collect three great Inca Powers; Time, Matter and Energy. Along the way you are hunted by the conquistadors and space pirates. The game is obscure and weird as hell, featuring both adventure game mechanics and space combat. After each level or section there are passwords, allowing you to continue where you left off.

Exploration (1994)

Developer: Software 2000 - Publisher: Software 2000 - Year: 1994

Dreamworld Pogie (1993)

Developer: Codemasters - Publisher: Unreleased - Year: 1993

Valkyrie Profile (1999)

Developer: tri-Ace Inc. - Publisher: Enix Corporation - Year: 1999

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Pandemonium! (1997)

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Hva får du når du blander ei blond dame med en jøgler som liker å hoppe og skyte sammen med generasjonens første solide forsøk på akselerert 3D? Ikke vet vi, men det ligger et spill på benken idag som ser ut til å passe billetten. ...

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Pocky & Rocky (1992)

Developer: Natsume Co., Ltd. - Publisher: Natsume Co., Ltd.
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SNES var som et gavedryss til spillere «back in the days». Fruktig grafikk og morsomt gameplay var liksom fellesnevneren for mange av titlene konsollen huset, før det ble produksjonsslutt så sent som ...

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Introducing 12 Days of Christmas!

Our annual Christmas Calendar had its last run last year marking its 10 year anniversary. Thankfully, just in time for the holiday season, we're delighted to announce that we're planning a new similar fashioned calendar in the spirit of the...
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The DOS Spirit presents the 10th and final annual Christmas Calendar!

It's -that- time of the year again; Christmas! Ten (!!) years ago we here at The DOS Spirit started something that no other site did so visibly - providing one game every day in the month of December from the...
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The DOS Spirit is 10 years old!

Holy crepe! Has it been that long? Where do I even begin?

The early days

It's nearly 10 years since this endeavour started back in late 2004 - then as a personal webpage thing. Back then it was very simplistic,...
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The DOS Spirit gets a fresh vibe

That's right! A bit unorthodox while trying to stay true and fresh at the same time. Fonts, sizes and such have been increased a little for better readability and, hopefully, useability as well. We hope you enjoy your stay and...
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The DOS Spirit presents Christmas Calendar 2013

Okay, I'll admit, this is a bit late to announce. But, better later than never! It's -that- time of the year again; Christmas! Nine years ago we here at The DOS Spirit started something that no other site did so visibly...
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The creators of The Neverhood are back to kickstart a new game, Armikrog!

Hear ye! One of the most unique and flavory game of the 90s, The Neverhood, is today savored by many adventure fans as tokens of love, spirit and story. The original creators of that game are now back with another...
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