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Death Gate

Platform iconDOS 1994 Adventure Point & Click Puzzle Sci-fi Fantasy

Death Gate is an adventure game that follows the tradition of interactive fiction with graphics.
Two thousand years ago, an advanced race known as Sartan split the world into five realms. The mensch races - the humans, dwarves, and elves - were split between four of those worlds named for the four elements, and the race of Patryn was banished to the deadly Labyrinth. After those two thousand years, some of the Patryn have found their way through the Labyrinth's exit. The game's protagonist is a young Patryn named Haplo, and his mission, given to him by his lord Xar, is to sail through the Death Gate into each of the other worlds to find each world's seal piece, so that the Patryn may reconstruct the planet and have revenge on the Sartan.

Game published on 27.12.2013 by Coreus

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    Death Gate (DOS)Death Gate (DOS)Death Gate (DOS)Death Gate (DOS)Death Gate (DOS)Death Gate (DOS)Death Gate (DOS)Death Gate (DOS)Death Gate (DOS)Death Gate (DOS)

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