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The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy

Platform iconNES (Nintendo) 1991 Puzzle Platform Sports

Crisis! A visitor from the future has taken Dino and Hoppy, Fred and Barney's pets, for his prehistoric zoo. You have to help Fred get them back and restore happiness in Bedrock. For this you need to collect various pieces for a time machine, each found in a level and guarded by a boss. The gameplay is mostly classic platforming, but features also a sport level which is untraditional along with some puzzle elements.

Game published on 08.10.2012 by Coreus

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    The Flintstones main menuThe Flintstones intro screenThe Flintstones hanging aroundThe Flintstones On a flying bird platformThe Flintstones First BossThe Flintstones First boss takenThe FlintstonesThe FlintstonesThe Flintstones - Strange creatures all aroundThe Flintstones - Meeting BarneyThe Flintstones -  hanging around!The Flintstones Jungle bossThe Flintstones - Another piece for the time machine is foundThe Flintstones - Overworld map

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