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Final Fantasy II

Platform iconNES (Nintendo) 1988 Roleplay Fantasy Anime/Manga JRPG

Series: Final Fantasy

Four youngsters from the kingdom of Fynn named Firion, Maria, Guy and Leon. Maria's, Guy's, and Leon's parents are killed during an invasion by the army of The Emperor of Palamecia, who has summoned forth monsters from Hell in his quest to dominate the world. Fleeing the Emperor's monsters, the four are attacked and left for dead. Firion, Maria, and Guy are rescued by Princess Hilda of Fynn, who has established a rebel base in the nearby town of Altair. Eager to prove their value to the resistance movement, the three remaining youths undertake a variety of missions against Palamecia and join forces with a variety of allies not only to defeat the Emperor, but to locate Maria's missing brother Leon as well.

The (real) second installment in the Final Fantasy series was never released outside Japan. However, it has been translated later by fans so english speaking people can understand it better. Remember that Final Fantasy IV was released in the West as Final Fantasy II, but they are not the same game.

Game published on 08.09.2012 by Coreus

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    N/AN/AOverworld mapN/AN/AArja is downN/AN/AYou can revive fallen heroes at the temple, thankfullyN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

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